Vikimatic Aluminum CouplingsAluminum - Standard Reverse Threaded
Installs by threading on or can be pressed on with coupling press. Sharp low profile threads give high pull loads but allow little air to escape when using blow in installation.

Aluminum - Barbed
Press on with coupling press. Internal barbs form air tight connection and high pull loads on smooth wall innerduct. Standard sizes shown but can be made to any size to fit your needs.

Aluminum - Standard reverse threaded - Barbed
Installs with 10 turns to form an airtight seal and high pull out loads. Standard sizes in stock, but can be ordered to fit your needs. AMB multi-lead thread available on request. Larger sizes available than shown.

Aluminum - Barbed - Pipe Thread
Standard IPS sizes in stock. Used to connect PE innerduct to PVC pipe or any male tapered pipe thread. Coupling is forced onto innerduct with soft hammer, then can be turned to draw pipe up tight. PE side can be ordered in a twist on form, (ASP) with a simple pipe nipple and lock nut it will mate to a bulkhead or connection box.

Aluminum - Standard thread - Reducer
Standard IPS sizes in stock but can be ordered in any size-to-size combinations. Also can be ordered in a barbed form (ABR) when airtight connection is needed. ABR’s must be pressed on with coupling press.

Universal Tapered Coupler
Use this coupler when high pull loads are not needed but a large size range of duct or when connecting mismatched duct (corrugated to smooth wall or SIDR to SDR duct, etc.)