EDX Series Optical Mini NodeThe EDX series Mini nodes are designed to offer optical node application flexibility in an extremely compact housing. They are also ideal for advanced fiber-to-the-building and FTTH applications for CATV and telephony networks. The EDX series nodes provide a high RF output level up to 1GHz which will reduce or eliminate the need for post-node amplifiers in the network. These mini-nodes have the unique combination of high output (50dBmV), 1GHz operation, and wide selection of return lasers including CWDM to overcome fiber bottlenecks.

The EDX series Mini nodes are ideal for use in high-density applications: MDUs, and commercial complexes such as universities, hospitals, and business parks. The mini node boasts a 50 dBmV output to handle any size establishment. Return transmitters can be added and ordered as either 1310nm or 1550nm depending on the system requirements. Optional WDM technology allows two-way operation on a single fiber. CWDM return transmitters are offered to combine multiple two-way nodes on a single fiber for ultimate fiber utilization, up to 8 buildings on a single fiber.

The Electroline Advantage
A long-standing solution provider of high quality products for specialized broadband applications, Electroline is pleased to offer the EDX series Mini node, which is the ideal node for wherever space is limited but performance requirements are high. EDX eliminates the need for expensive installation of larger nodes, while providing comparable performance in a compact ISO-9001 manufactured package.

· 1GHz high output with GaAs technology
· High RF output — 50dBmV
· Compact housing size
· 6-KV surge protection for RF I/O ports
· I/O optical level test points (1V/mW )
· -20 dB directional coupler test points for forward and reverse
· LED indicators for power, optical input and optical output
· Die-cast aluminum housing
· Low power consumption
· WDM and CWDM technology available for two-way services on a single fiber
· Flexible powering at local or remote sites.

Ordering Information

Part NumberDescription
ED1-10-000-1-SA50ED1 Series Mini Node - with receiver only, 50d - One-Way Receive Only
ED1-10-D13-1-SA50 ED1 Series Mini Node - with DFB 1310nm 2mW tx, 50d - Two-Way on 2 Fibers
ED1-10-D15-1-SA50 ED1 Series Mini Node - with DFB 1550nm 2mW tx, 50dBmV - Two-Way on 2 Fibers
ED1 -10 -C**-1- SA50 ED1 Series Min i Nod e - with CWDM 2mW tx, 50 dBmV - Two-Way on 2 Fibers
ED1-15-D13-1-SA50 ED1 Series Mini Node - with DFB 1310nm 2mW tx, 50dBmV - with WDM - Two-Way on 1 Fiber (using WDM)
ED1-13-D15-1-SA50 ED1 Series Mini Node - with DFB 1550nm 2mW tx, 50dBmV - with WDM - Two-Way on 1 Fiber (using WDM)
ED1 -13 -C**-1-SA50ED1 Series Mini Node - with CWDM 2mW tx, 50dBmV - with WDM - Two-Way on 1 Fiber (using WDM)

** in CWDM lasers filled in by the CWDM channel number: 47,49,51,53,55,57,59,61
(where 4 7 = 1470nm, 49 = 14 90 nm, etc.)