RPT-G2 Series 1.2 GHz Phillps Compatible - Retrofit Taps

Antronix offers a retrofit multi-tap plate, which is compatible with existing Philips® faceplates RPT Series – designed for operating frequencies up to 1218 MHz. The retrofit series multi-tap enables cable operators to upgrade their system to current digital broadband system standards. The Philips Retrofit Multi-tap plate features Antronix’s patented Drop Signal conditioning (E–Option) for the most flexible multitap in existence.

E–Option plug–ins affect all of the drop ports on a tap, while not affecting the through insertion loss.

E–Option overcomes past design difficulties by equalizing forward and return drop signals with negative/positive tilt compensation, return path attenuation, or overcoming excessive loss in high tap values for reliable cable modem transmission.

Features of the Antronix RPT1000-E-G2 Series Philips® Compatible 1218 MHz with E-Option Retrofit Plate:
  • Design is Compatible with Philips® Brand Housings to give system operators the ability to upgrade to the Antronix advantage.
  • Designed for operating features up to 1218 MHz.
  • E–Option Drop Signal Conditioning Standard (Patent no. 6,570,465 B2) allows the signal conditioning at the tap to meet all network scenarios.
  • Four Stage Corrosion Protection Process featuring a 360 Aluminum alloy housing (most corrosive resistant alloy for die casting), clear chromate coating applied inside and out, and a double baked–on coating of polyurethane applied for superior protection.
  • SCTE Compliant Brass F-ports with CamPort® with patented auto-seizing F-port features a “Cam Activated Mechanism” to provide full contact pressure (>2,000 grams) on the center conductor for maximum reliability.


Ordering Information

TVC PartManufacturer PartDescriptionCase PackInner Pack
RPT12xxMEG2 RPT12xx-M-E-G2 Tap, 2 Port, 1.2GHZ, Philips Compatible, E-Option 5010
RPT14yyMEG2RPT14yy-M-E-G2Tap, 4 Port, 1.2GHZ, Philips Compatible, E-Option5010
RPT18zzMEG2RPT18zz-M-E-G2Tap, 8 Port, 1.2GHZ, Philips Compatible, E-Option5010
RPT12xxEPG2RPT12xx-E/P-G2Baseplate, 2 Port, 1.2GHZ, Philips Compatible, E-Option5010
RPT14yyEPG2RPT14yy-E/P-G2Baseplate, 4 Port, 1.2GHZ, Philips Compatible, E-Option5010
RPT18zzEPG2RPT18zz-E/P-G2Baseplate, 8 Port, 1.2GHZ, Philips Compatible, E-Option5010
RPT-M-HSGRPT-M-HSGHousing, Multi-tap, Philips Compatible5010

xx can equal 04, 08, 11, 14, 17, 20, 23, 26, 29 • yy can equal 08, 11, 14, 17, 20, 23, 26, 29 • zz can equal 12, 15, 18, 21, 24, 27, 30