CHP D2RRX Dual Optical Input Digital Return Path Receiver

CHP Digital Return Path Receivers provide longer reach, better performance, and reduced complexity in the network. By using CHP Digital Return Path Receivers, operators can extend Optical links up to 100 km without additional optical amplification, reducing CAPEX and system complexity.

In addition, CHP D2RRX digital return path receivers feature dual density, with two independent receivers in one CHP module. This allows operators to enable up to 40 RF ports per 2RU chassis and up to 800 RF ports per 40 RU rack.

The CHP D2RRX receiver supports optional remote monitoring of Opti Max™/Trans Max® products equipped with digital return transmitters (42 MHz currently) via the CORView™ EMS software. The CHP D2RRX 42 MHz solution also supports service group aggregation, a cost-effective way for operators to supply service groups with triple play services while conserving backbone fiber, optical bandwidth, headend real estate, and key data processing components for other services.

In addition, CHP D2RRX receivers can be selected with 2 RF outputs activated (internal electronic combining) to support future segmentation without truck rolls or pulling new fiber.


  • Digital Return technology for ease of set-up and simplified operation—no need to fine tune optical inputs with plug in optical pads
  • Product family supports 2x42, 2x65, 1x85, and 2X85 MHz bandwidths
  • CHP D2RRX provides “truckless” electronic segmentation without the need to roll a truck or pull new fiber at the node
  • Remote monitoring of Opti Max™/Trans Max® products with Digital Element Management System (DEMS)
  • CORView™ Lite graphical user interface (GUI) controls monitoring, configuration, and firmware upgrades