Apartment Complex Amplifiers

The Blonder Tongue two-way Apartment Complex Amplifiers with Passive Return Path are broadband indoor hybrid distribution amplifiers designed for RF distribution systems whose input signal source is a "cable drop", the output of an MATV headend or a small CATV headend.

Three models are available: The #5750 with a 47 to 550 MHz bandpass, the #5770 with a 47 to 750 MHz bandpass, and the #5780 with a 47 to 860 MHz bandpass.

All are designed for apartment housing complex, hospital, prison or hotel applications. They have flat operational gain, which is variable within the range of a 16 dB to 31 dB (see Specifications for typical value of each model) using a built-in gain control and has a 10 dB slope control range. Using a push-pull hybrid module as its gain block, they will deliver high output level signals with low distortion. The units can be powered by 117 volts AC with the external power transformer supplied or by 24 volts AC.