DOCSIS Gateway

The DOCSIS Gateway allows the use of any low voltage Access Point on the HFC strand.

Use the Lindsay recommended Mikrotik Access Points or Access Points from Ubiquiti, Compex, Alcon, etc; or use any AP that accepts 12Vdc passive POE (4,6+, 7,8-) and that does not require more than 8 Watts. Other IP devices that meet the voltage and power requirements, like IP cameras, can also be used.

The DOCSIS Gateway was carefully designed to maintain the quality and reliably that the MSO needs while keeping cost at an absolute minimum. Since the DOCSIS Gateway uses a standard cable modem and is wholly under control of the system operator, it can be used in conjunction with your SNMP monitoring system to evaluate the line conditions of your plant. Parameters such as Signal Strength, Signal to Noise Ratio and Bit Error Rate are all reported by the DOCSIS Gateway.