Total System Power Supply (TSP)The Total System Power Supply (TSP) is a two-part Ferro-resonant based power supply that allows the use of the TM, (transformer) module only, for non-standby applications, and allows the operator the flexibility to add the EM (inverter) module and batteries to upgrade the power station to full backup capability.

- True UPS, zero transfer time

- 3, 15 and 22 amp models available

- Modular construction

- EM module fully enclosed by sheet metal resulting in all component parts being fully protected

- 120 or 240 VAC input voltage, field selectable

- Universal EM module, 36 or 48 VDC

- User selectable output voltage; 60, 75 or 87

- UL and CE certified power supply

- Fan-less design, thermally rated to 70 degrees C

- Front located user access and connections

- Best in class battery charging due to DIRECT CONTACT thermal sensing