ARRIS OM4120 Opti Max™ 1.2 GHz HFC Segmentable NodeThe ARRIS OM4120 Opti Max™ 1.2 GHz HFC Segmentable Node supports full DOCSIS® 3.1 capability. With downstream operation to 1.2 GHz and upstream operation up to 204 MHz, as well as the ability to easily upgrade bandwidth splits, the OM4120 is an ideal choice for supporting today's evolving networks. The OM4120 features switchable segmentation to easily scale from its basic 1x1 configuration to up to 4x4 segmentation and pluggable diplex filters to support future bandwidth expansions, providing operators with the flexibility they need to maximize their infrastructure investments. In addition, the OM4120's modular design is backwards compatible with Opti Max 4100 1 GHz Segmentable Nodes, providing full support for economically upgrading existing OM4100 deployments to support 1.2 GHz DOCSIS 3.1 operation.
The OM4120 also offers operators the ability to power down and deactivate the active driver elements on a per port basis, which can save more than 11 Watts DC per deactivated RF port in cases where those ports are not feeding customers by design. Operators can deactivate a port by simply setting a switch. Reactivating the port is as simple as resetting the switch.

• Supports 1.2 GHz Downstream and 204 MHz Upstream bandpass for DOCSIS 3.1 migration
• 1.2 GHz Upgrade pathway for legacy installed base of 1 GHz OM4100 nodes
• Integrated segmentation switches simplify future node upgrades
• Select optical module compatibility with OM6000 and OM2741 nodes leverages sparing and training
• 8 application module slots and the ability to migrate to next generation architectures such as R-PHY and PON
• Supports analog transmitters, including CWDM and DWDM wavelength options
• Supports SFP-based 85 MHz digital return and digital element monitoring for CHP and CH3 digital return receivers
• Optional DOCSIS transponder