Antronix Milenium NXT Full Spectrum Multi-taps MHT2000 2 GHz Series

The Antronix MHT2000 series 2.0 GHz multi-taps lead the CATV industry in performance, reliability and innovation. The MHT2000 series features a screwless seizure mechanism that supports low insertion loss out to 2.0 GHz.Also included are Antronix’s patented CamPort® and E-Option signal conditioning (1.2 GHz /1.8 GHz). The MHT series taps readily adapt to existing 1.2 GHz system designs while meeting the requirements for 2.0 GHz bandwidth extensions without a complete system re-design.

The innovative E-Option signal conditioning multitap solves many network problems through a creative plug-in. A single plug-in can help increase signal-to-noise while suppressing ingress. Various E-Option signal conditioning plug-ins are available to condition either the return path and forward path. The E-Options will save you money and time while adapting your system to today’s requirements.

The MHT faceplates mate to the Antronix USP (uninterruptible make-before-break bypass) housing for continuous video, data, telephony and power during faceplate changes. The MHT tap series fully complies with the ANSI/SCTE 264 2020 standard (Broadband Hardline Taps for Cable Systems). DOCSIS4.0 requirements are exceeded with a downstream bandwidth of a 2.0 GHz faceplate which is paired with a 3 GHz future-proof tap housing.

  • Wide 2 GHz Bandwidth 
  • Extended Surge Protection
  • E-Option Drop Signal Conditioning Standard 
  • Unique USP Bypass Switch 
  • CamPort® Sealed, Auto-Seizing F-ports 
  • Aerial or Pedestal Configuration 
  • Four-Stage Corrosion Protection Process 
  • Heat-Treated Stainless Steel Hardware with Proprietary Plating 
  • Integrated Drip Wells, Numbered Ports and Strip Gauge 
  • Ribbed Main Line Entry Ports