9000HAP Hardened Access Point

The Lindsay 9000HAP series access points are specifically designed for the harsh environmental demands of world wide outdoor deployment of wireless communications. It is no longer necessary to kludge together a protection system for outdoor access points and controllers.

The 9000HAP provides fully integrated surge and lightning protection and maximum heat dissipation in a truly watertight corrosion resistant aluminum enclosure. Comes complete with multifunctional dual-band 802.11a/b/g/n radio technology and can be configured for use as a hotspot, point-to-point or point-to-multipoint bridges. Proven reliability and superior performance under the most severe climatic conditions makes Lindsay the trusted supplier for wireless operators around the world.

  • Integrated antenna port surge protectors have extremely low let-through voltages without bandwidth limitations or ongoing maintenance issues
  • The Ethernet entry point is surge protected on both the data and POE lines
  • Each 9000HAP is factory tested to ensure an airtight seal at 15 psi
  • Available with any HP access point or controller pre-installed, including the new N series and all MIKROTIK router boards and radios

Ordering Information

Part NumberDescription
9000HAP – MSM 323 Complete with HP MSM 323
9000HAP – MSM 313 Complete with HP MSM 313
9000HAP – MSM 320 Complete with HP MSM 320
9000HAP – MSM 310 Complete with HP MSM 310
9000HAP – MSM 422 Complete with HP MSM 422
9000HAP – MSM 335 Complete with HP MSM 335
9000HAP – MSM 325 Complete with HP MSM 325
9000HAP BR411-2 Complete with Mikrotik BR411 2.4 GHz