The LTA41-E1/T1 is an In-Band managed traffic aggregation device allowing four TP local users to share a single fiber link along with one, two or four E1/T1 channels tunneled over the fiber link. 

It allows carriers with a WAN installed base to upgrade (without changing the fiber infrastructure) for delivery of broadband services while maintaining the original E1/T1 connectivity, opening an excellent business opportunity at a minor capital investment. 

The LTA41-E1/T1, located at customer premises, needs to be connected to a system (equipped with appropriate modules) located at the access node, where the two services – broadband (Fast Ethernet) and WAN (E1/T1) are separated and connected to their respective networks.

The device encapsulates E1/T1 data into Fast Ethernet frames. The E1/T1 frames are given highest priority. Each E1/T1 channel reduces the effective Fast Ethernet bandwidth by up to 3Mbps, however when E1/T1 ports are not connected, full 100Mbps is automatically regained. 

The BMD (Buffered Media Domain) along with VLANs implemented in the device provide a physical level of security and separation between the users as only traffic between each user and the F/O link is allowed. The fiber link implements FEF (Far End Fault signaling) to provide a true two-way link integrity indication and together with the SLE (Subscriber Link Emulation), Statistics, Loop-Back and Last Gasp form a set of powerful diagnostic tools. 

The LTA41-E1/T1 is available with a variety of multi-mode and single mode fiber interfaces (distances ranging up to 150km) as well as single-fiber-strand (full bi-directional traffic) models. The LTA41-E1/T1 is standard “half-rack” size for economical installation in both rack-mount and desktop modes.

It is equipped with a reliable internal switching power supply for extended MTBF. The optional DC power supply facilitates deployment in Telco environments. The LTA41-E1/T1 is an MA™ enabled device: when connected over fiber to another MA™ enabled device ( module) it is remotely in-band managed without the need of an expensive SNMP agent and IP address.

In addition, this management architecture ensures full security as the management signals are physically confined into the fiberlink, not allowing the subscriber access of any kind. Rate Limiting, QOS,VLAN tagging, extensive diagnostic and statistics, Loop-Back and Last Gasp, are unique features making the LTA41-E1/T1 the ultimate choice for high quality FTTB networks and cost effective solutions for WAN installations. The PDH (E1/T1) over Ethernet offers also a unique and cost effective solution for backhauling wireless base stations. The device is managed either by the FibroLAN's MetroView Device Manager, Management module or via front panel DIP switches.