The MetroStar System is a compact Multi Service Media Access Concentrator. This Carrier Class 19” Rack-Mountable platform is a modular multi-slot and multi-channel Access Concentrator providing up to 48 access channels, housed in a 3RU chassis, yielding an unprecedented density factor of 16/1RU.

It provides altogether 16 slots: 3 for power supplies, 1 (2) for the management modules and 12 for line interface modules (up to 4 user interfaces per module). All modules, connectors and indicators are located on the front panel for easy and space saving installation (including double back-to-back installation in cabinets). Its light weight allows installation by a single technician.

The MetroStar is normally equipped with dual load sharing power supplies while an additional slot allows the insertion of a third redundant power supply, thus increasing MTBF. All modules are hot swappable. Even the cooling fans- integrated in the modular PS rather than fixed in the chassis, are hot swappable. All these result in record high MTBF and virtually zero MTTR. Most of the modules are equipped with FibroLAN’s MA™ technology, which allows comprehensive OAM of the link partners.The management module provides full management of hundreds of users by a single SNMP agent.The optional cable organizer facilitates neat and safe deployment even in the densest configurations.

The MetroStar provides a comprehensive range of services for access, aggregation, transmission and extension of IP traffic (10/100/1000/2500/10000Mbps),with integrated TDM, SONET/SDH, and WDM support. All these features make MetroStar the industry’s most efficient Access Platform for FTTx applications, as well as for miscellaneous transmission scenarios.