SMHAP Strand Mounted Hardened Access Point

The Lindsay SMHAP (Strand Mounted Hardened Access Point) is a strand mounted cable plant powered, 40-90 VAC access point and can be configured for POE (power over Ethernet). This CATV hardened and standards based wireless access controller is completely housed in a 15-PSI water and EMI proof aluminum housing.

To ensure consistency for your technicians, Lindsay has deployed diplex filters to separate the forward and reverse bands so modem sweet spots can be set up by using JXP attenuators and for ease of maintenance offer external test points for both forward and reverse signals.

The Lindsay SMHAP offers your choice of input DOCSIS modem 2.0 or 3.0 and an assortment of one and two radio router boards complete with high power 802.11 radios with a/b/g/n technologies. It is perfect for plant extensions, hotspots and combinations of both with dual radios and the proper choice of antennas including mesh extensions.

Lindsay’s simplistic approach to wireless offers cost-effective devices with proven technology and reliability that are technician friendly. Their WiFi technology has been fully temperature cycled from –40 to + 60 degrees C and has optional strand, pole and pedestal mounting configurations available.