ARRIS NC4000SG Optical Nodes

The ARRIS NC4000SG series outdoor optical outdoor platform is designed to support a wide range of advanced architectures and is ideal for traditional HFC applications.

With an output level of up to 53 dBmV (at 1002 MHz) available on the four RF output ports of the OA4444SG RF Output Amplifier, the NC4000SG can be used to extend the reach of the coax distribution network.

This flexible and rugged platform has the capability of segmenting four downstream paths (each with its own receiver) and four upstream paths using ARRIS’s patented digital return solutions, further expanding the deployment of advanced “bandwidth-hungry” services in fiber poor areas while reducing real estate requirements in the field.

Status monitoring capability is provided via an integrated network management plug-in, eliminating the need for added-cost status monitoring transponders. An optional narrowcast receiver is available for split-band applications.

Additional Features:

  • A variety of forward/return frequency split options
  • Four RF outputs, two auxiliary ports for power or video, and two fiber ports
  • 4x4 segmentable (forward and return)
  • Output level –53 dBmVat 1002 MHz
  • Optical capabilities: 1310 nm, 1550 nm, DWDM or CWDM
  • Accommodates up to 6 optical transport or Ethernet modules
  • Broadcast/narrowcast receiver option
  • EDFA and optical switching options available
  • Forward optical or RF redundancy switching, and return redundancy options
  • Return ingress switch options
  • A family of advanced digital return modules
  • Fast Ethernet add/drop capability for commercial business applications
  • Fully integrated network management
  • Redundant power supply option
  • Pedestal or strand mounting