ARRIS Opti Max OM2741 2x2 Segmentable Optical Node

The ARRIS Opti Max™ OM2741 provides cable operators with a compact, fiber deep solution to manage network growth.

The node features integrated segmentation switches that allow future segmentation without any additional parts or expense. The technician can enable new segments by simply adding a transmitter or receiver as required, then flipping a switch to activate the new configuration.

By reducing the requirement for additional configuration boards and minimizing maintenance time, the OM2741 provides a lower total cost of ownership for the MSO. With its premium high-gain receiver and advanced, next-generation GaN hybrid technology, the OM2741 is appropriate for a variety of architectures.

The node accepts modules and accessories common with the 4x4 fully segmentable OM4100, easing sparing requirements, reducing inventory, and simplifying deployment training.

Additional Features:

  • 1 GHz GaN technology delivers higher output and enhanced reliability for fiber deep designs
  • Integrated segmentation switches simplify future node upgrades
  • Shared optics modules, power supply and accessories with OM4100 node leverage sparing and training
  • Supports CWDM, DWDM, and CORWave® multiwavelength technologies
  • SFP based digital return expands upstream bandwidth and enables service group aggregation
  • Lid upgrades enable amplifiers