POWER SUPPLY, Single Output, -21 VDC At 40mAPower Supply Single Output, -21 VDC At 40 mA
Unit Can Power One Preamplifier Use With 4426, 4706 or 126

The PS-1526 and PS-1536 are professional quality, DC power supplies designed to power SCMA and CMA Series antenna preamplifiers. Both units provide -21 VDC and allow for a combined VHF and UHF feed to be diplexed with the power feed. The PS-1536 has a dual output for powering two loads, with a maximum current rating of 100 mA. The PS-1526 has a single output for powering one load, with a maximum current rating of 40 mA.

The PS-1526 and PS-1536 are housed in an aluminum case with an auxiliary AC receptacle. Both units offer regulated and surge-protected power. The PS-1536 has a panel mounted fuse, provides an additional level of short circuit protection on the regulator and a clamped output voltage to protect connected loads.