OFS Optical Cable Entrance Facility (OCEF)The OCEF cabinets are water-resistant enclosures intended for storing a large number of fiber splices between OSP and buildingtype cables in vault locations. The cabinets accommodate OFS LightPack®, riser, and Building Cable sizes from 0.25-inch to 1.0- inch OD (0.64 to 2.54 cm).

The cabinet is designed to accommodate multiple cable sheaths through ports in the bottom, sides, and top. Cable entry ports are sealed, resulting in a National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) 4/12/13 rating – which means this unit provides protection against dust and water spray. Each cabinet incorporates a hinged, removable, lockable door that provides additional security.

The cabinet accepts the standard splice organizer tray, allowing complete access to any splice without disturbing other splices. The splice tray provides integrated strain relief for all types of fiber cable and buffer construction. Splice trays are designed for mechanical or fusion splices. The OCEF comes with a selfcontained workshelf.

The OCEF enclosures are provided in two sizes. Each size OCEF may be ordered for either side entry or top and bottom entry.