Today's world depends on fast-flowing information, and plenty of it and Corning continues to revolutionize the way data keeps moving.

Corning provides a powerful combination of optical solutions to meet the very toughest of network demands. We helped enable the Internet explosion when our scientists developed the world's first low-loss optical fiber in 1970. Building on the knowledge that optical fiber far surpasses copper in terms of bandwidth capacity - while also being strong, lightweight, and flexible - we quickly expanded our products and innovations. Fiber-to-the-home, wireless, data center solutions, and consumer products are all part of our innovative portfolio.

Today, Corning continues to set the standard for the cutting-edge fiber, cable, connectivity, and wireless solutions to keep the world more connected than ever before. Our innovations also help our customers - in healthcare, government, finance, and a host of other industries - take full advantage of emerging phenomena like remote storage, cloud computing, and fiber-to-the-desktop.