Corning Evolv™ Hardened Connectivity (HC) Terminals with Pushlok™ Technology

Pushlok™ hardened connector technology is the key component enabling smaller terminals for FTTx networks than ever before. Designed for use in nearly every access network environment, the terminal is small enough to be placed in existing handholes or pedestals where space is paramount, on building facades, or in aerial networks (pole- or strand-mount). Improved aesthetics improve end-user adoption for facade applications.

There are two styles of terminals designed to meet various space and density requirements: terminals with one row of adapter ports and terminals with two rows of adapter ports. For terminals with one row of adapter ports, the ports are aligned in a single row with the input stub on the left and 2-, 4-, 6- or 8-distribution ports on the right. For terminals with two rows of ports, the input stub is on the font left of the terminal and there are 8-, 12- or 16-distribution ports. Each port’s corresponding release button is actuated to remove the dust cap or drop. When installing drops, the keyed ports provide an audible and physical positive feedback minimizing technician variation and potential damage due to mishandling.