Corning FlexNAP System

Corning’s FlexNAP™ system is here to meet the unique challenges of modern network deployment. The FlexNAP™ system is simple and intuitive, making training easy. With fewer components to manage in the field, you can reduce supply chain complexity.  

Providing the most cost-effective method of deploying optical fiber in distribution networks at speeds significantly faster than traditional field installations. The increased speed of network deployment, along with the reliability of factory testing, offers significant value to you.


  • Widespread Adoption
  • Proven Reliability Proven Reliability
  • Factory Quality Factory Quality
  • Simple Repairs Simple Repairs
  • Up to 5x Faster Deployment Up to 5x Faster Deployment
  • Slimline Overmolds Slimline Overmolds
  • Concentrated Fiber Splice Locations
  • Reduced Supply Chain/Installation Complexity
  • Increased Labor Efficiency Increased Labor Efficiency