FlexNAP System

Corning FlexNAP™ System provides the most cost-effective method of deploying optical fiber in outside plant distribution networks at speeds significantly faster than traditional field installations.

The FlexNAP System utilizes optical fiber cables upon which network access points are pre-installed at customer-specified locations along the length of the cable. The cable and network access points are tested and shipped as a complete distribution cable/terminal system.

Compatible with both aerial (overlash, dedicated messenger and self-support) and below-ground (direct buried and 1.25 in duct) outside plant distribution applications,the FlexNAP System significantly reduces installation time by 50% per network access point.

The increased speed of network deployment, along with the reliability of factory testing, offer significant value to the end-user in the following key areas: deployment velocity, risk avoidance, workforce efficiency and capital avoidance.

Features & Benefits

  • Factory terminated and tested
  • Distribution cables available as ALTOS® Loose Tube and ALTOS Figure-8 Cables
  • Factory-installed sealed access points
  • Patented, flexible, pre-terminated access point terminal allows the complete cable system to conform to drum size of most standard cable reels
  • Maximum of two tethers per tap point (24 fibers)
  • OptiFit® Premier MT Cable Assembly is available in 4-, 6-, 8- or 12-fiber configurations
  • OptiSheath™ Advantage MultiPort Terminals are suitable for both aerial and below-ground applications and may be configured with four, six, eight or 12 OptiTap™ Adapters
  • Compatible with most standard outside plant installation equipment
  • Engineering services and rental capabilities available to plan, design, order and supervise the installation