Corning OptiSnap® High-Performance Installation Toolkit 2 - TKT-OPTISNAP-CF2

The OptiSnap® high -performance installation toolkit 2 was developed to reduce the amount of time required to terminate a single connector and to provide operational feedback as well as guidance throughout the whole termination process

Reducing the number of termination steps, the installation process can be completed 25 percent faster now, with step-by-step guidance and the correction of missteps. An integrated LCD screen, featuring Corning Gorilla® Glass as well as an additional 7-in LCD video panel display animated videos detailing the termination process, fiber preparation, cleaving or maintenance.

Connector loading is simplified by connector handlers, shipping with each connector, and the transition between SC and LC connectors is accomplished by moving the VFL adapter left or right.

The installation tool can be powered by two AA batteries or by a mini USB port located on the lid (cable included). It notifies you when maintenance is needed, tells you how maintenance is performed, and when the tool is out of its operating temperature range.

The Corning go/no-go feedback signal allows the installer to verify that the installation is performed right the first time, every time. Insert the fiber, activate the cam and watch the pass/fail light illuminate, instilling confidence in every connector installed.

The factory-polished ceramic ferrule provides superior quality for end-face geometry. The single-mode OptiSnap® Connector is available in an ultra physical contact (UPC) polish or an angled physical contact (APC) polish, offering you a higher grade of performance for your field terminations. With fast installation time and low insertion loss, the OptiSnap Connector system provides a good alternative to fusion splicing. Installation is as easy as strip, clean, cleave, cam and crimp.

With proven field-installable connector technology, fiber terminations using the OptiSnap® connector system are fast, easy and reliable. Corning high-precision mechanical splice technology enables fiber optic networks to be installed quickly and cost effectively.

Part Numbers: TKT-OPTISNAP-CF2 (Kit) and TL-OSE2 (Installation Tool Only).

OptiSnap® high-performance tool kit 2: includes high-performance installation tool 2 for termination of single-mode LC APC and SC APC connectors; includes high-performance precision flat cleaver and all required fiber preparation, cleaning tools and materials.