ARRIS Opti Max OM4100 4x4 Fully Segmentable Optical Node

Cable operators need optimal performance in their network architectures to support expanded service offerings such as HDTV, Video on Demand (VOD), VoIP, and high speed data/internet. The ARRIS Opti Max™ OM4100, a 4 output segmentable node, uses industry leading technology and design to facilitate full 4x4 segmentation in a modular, pay-as-you grow platform for optical to RF (RF to optical in the upstream) signal conversion.

The OM4100 modular design provides a high level of scalability, which enables operators to deploy minimal configurations today and expand in the future as subscriber demands increase. Expansion options include migration from a 1x1 node to full downstream and upstream 2x2 and 4x4 segmentation. Operators can achieve scalability simply by adding in additional upstream transmitters and downstream receivers along with simple plug-in segmentation modules.

  • Enables bandwidth expansion via downstream and upstream segmentation
  • Premium low noise receiver with wide optical range enables designs with lower inputs while still maintaining maximum typical RF output levels
  • Optical AGC accommodates optical network changes without compromising subscriber experience
  • SFP based digital return maximizes service group flexibility and supports aggregation
  • Digital EMS obviates the need for dedicated network management hardware
  • One of the most widely deployed optical nodes, trusted by operators around the world to deliver advanced voice, video, and data services