CPH Challenger Series Pedestals

Designed specifically for housing passive equipment, these special versions of the Channell CPH911, CPH920, and CPH1022 pedestals feature direct-bury bases with a high rib design that are less likely to lean or tilt and do not require
stakes for installation. A special self-locating cover ensures that the pedestals lock properly without additional alignment. The covers include Channell’s Self-Lock® security hardware.


  • 9” and 10” diameter round profiles
    provide maximum workspace and bend
    radius provisions for all passives, cables
    and connectors
  • Round pedestal style maintains a consistent
    look with legacy pedestals in the field
  • Constructed of durable, high-strength
    materials for maximum security and
    long service life
  • Universal equipment mounting bracket
    for passives facilitates installation
  • Optional stake mounting provision for joint
    trench or other special applications


Ordering Information

PartLock TypeColorEaches per Pallet
CPH1022C1B1S2L00A07/16” Hex HeadLight Green32
CPH1022C1B2S2L01A0P KeyLight Green32
CPH920C1B2S2L00A07/16” Hex HeadLight Green32
CPH920C1B1S2L00A07/16” Hex HeadLight Green32
CPH920C1B2S2LB1Star Pattern 11Light Green32
CPH920C1B1S1L01A0P KeyLight Green32
CPH911C1B1S2L01A0P KeyLight Green32
CPH911C3B1S2L01A1P KeyDark Green32