Channell Grade Level Box BULK 4

With over 90 years of experience in global (OSP) infrastructure, Channell has developed the most advanced pit and chamber technology in the world! Channell’s BULK and SHIELD patented designs with the complement of SUPER BULK for roadway applications offer global users, consumer, and craft installers safety benefits never before contemplated, but critical when considering new global health and safety standards.

BULK’s lightweight design increases installation efficiencies while improving overall body weight carrying load capacities versus concrete, polymer concrete, and many other body materials. Reduction of BULK’s body weight protects the safety of installers while shortening installation times. Additionally, with BULK bodies, cutting ducts in the field produces no harmful dust contaminants which could lead to installer respiratory issues.


    • Upgradeable
    • Lightweight/Strong (TIER 22)
    • Patented Anti-Slip Technology
    • Anti-Seize Bolt Technology
    • Industry Leader in Anti-Trip Hazard Prevention
    • Vertical and Horizontal Rib Design
    • Embedded Vertical Racking
    • Reduced Installation Cost
    • Highest Load Rating to Weight Ratio in the Industry
    • Superior Fatigue Resistance (EST)™