Orbital Mux-Tee (Bias Tee Multiplexer)


The Orbital Research “Mux-Tee” (MT-25/40) is a premium bias tee multiplexer that does much more than insert DC current: it multiplexes a 10 MHz reference signal onto the L-band signal. And because it is a passive device that requires no power, it can work in reverse and extract a DC signal and/or demultiplex a 10 MHz reference from your modem.

The Mux-Tee is 6 devices in 1:

  1. Bias tee
  2. 10 MHz multiplexer
  3. Both a bias tee and 10 MHz mux
  4. DC extractor
  5. 10 MHz demultiplexer
  6. Both a DC extractor and 10 MHz demux

The Mux-Tee filters the incoming IF signal and provides an effective block to any unwanted DC or 10 MHz that may be coming from the modem – delivering exceptional return loss and very low thru loss. In addition, the external DC and 10 MHz inserted signals are filtered to avoid any interference with the wanted IF signal.