Detectable MaxCell

The MaxCell® Group is proud to offer a “Detectable” version of MaxCell. All product lines, 1" - 4" (Single Cell, 2 Cell, 3 Cell and 4 Cell) are available with an 18 gauge solid copper core tracer wire inserted into the products.

Features & Advantages

  • Reliable method for locating cables deployed in buried conduit
  • Detectable with any industry standard toning equipment
  • The wire is inserted into the edge of MaxCell, not in the cable pathways which provides advantages over separate/free-floating wires of detectable pull tapes:
    • It's permanent and won't be removed once installed, as is the case with a detectable pull tape.
    • It's protected so it avoids the damage to the wire during cable installation that commonly occurs over separate/free-floating wires or detectable pull tapes.
    • It's easy to install.
  • Detectable MaxCell doesn't require additional pull tapes for installation. And it won't entangle or impede cable installations, nor will it increase pulling tensions or friction on cables during installation.
  • No special installation techniques will be required beyond standard MaxCell procedures and the wire will not adversely effect pulling tensions or the flexible nature of MaxCell.

Wire Data:

  • AWG: 18G TFN Solid Copper Core
  • Nominal OD: 2mm
  • Color: Green
  • Max Voltage: 600C
  • Insulation: .38mm Vinyl
  • Ampacity: 6