Wirewerks Next Step MPO Adapter Strip

The Wirewerks™ Next Step™ MPO Adapter Strip accommodates up to four MPO connections for a potential of 96 fibers per adapter. When used with the Next Step 1U patch panel, a total of 1,152 fibers can fit neatly into a 1U rack space.

Next Step MPO Adapter Strips snap quickly into position using a sliding mechanism that is both fluid and robust. Each adapter strip is made entirely of high impact ABS thermoplastic and uses a proprietary footprint engineered to prioritize easy access in any Wirewerks Next Step housing.

Features & Benefits:

  • Compatible with all Wirewerks Next Step products
  • Sliding mechanism from front or back of panel allows for quick and easy installation
  • Cable management integrated into the strip
  • Low insertion loss to minimize impact of loss budgets