Founded in 1991, Wirewerks is an industry-leading manufacturer of advanced optical fiber and copper structured cabling systems.

Their flagship product line, the NextSTEP™ Fiber Management System, is a complete solution for optical fiber cable management in Data Center, Broadband and Premise/Campus networks.

The NextSTEP system includes a selection of rack-mount patch panels, wall-mount enclosures and a scalable optical distribution frame (ODF) system to suit any fiber management application in virtually any installation environment.
NextSTEP panels and enclosures are populated with any combination of slide-in NextSTEP Fiber Modules for fiber patching, distribution, splicing, splitter and WDM applications. NextSTEP Fiber Modules are available in two physical form factors: NS 1-Series Modules occupy one slot in NS enclosures and provide highest density (144F-LC ports in 1U) in Base-12,-24,-36 network designs; while NS 3-Series Modules occupy three slots in NS enclosures and manage 96F-LC ports in 1U as preferred in many Broadband Base-8,-16-32 networks.

In addition to manufacturing custom cable assemblies, the Montreal based fiber optic lab can kit and customize panels with fiber assemblies pre-loaded. Their engineering and technical support staff are always on hand ready assist, advise, and answer any questions or concerns with a particular project.

Wirewerks provides its customers with peace of mind through its comprehensive warranty. A 25-Year Structured Cabling Warranty Program that covers material, workmanship, labor, permanent link, and channel performance for projects and sites. The Wirewerks Certified Installer Program contributes to the peace of mind you deserve when relying on your network.