SST-UltraRibbon­™ Cables

Corning SST-UltraRibbon™ Cable provides the ultimate solution for outdoor high fiber count applications.

Available in fiber counts from 240-432, 576, 720, or 864 fibers, SST-UltraRibbon cables provide the most fibers in the smallest cable design to maximize use of critical duct space.

Corning's patented design uses both 24- and 36- fiber ribbons within a central tube to minimize the buffer tube and cable dimensions for the smallest and lightest cables in the industry for superb installation results.

Dielectric, single-armor and toneable versions are available to provide the widest range of installation options.

Features & Benefits:

  • Up to 864 fibers in rugged, compact design that maximizes use of critical duct space; all versions can be easily installed in 1.25-inch duct
  • Each 24- or 36-fiber ribbon can be easily separated into two or three 12-fiber ribbons respectively by hand; each 12-fiber ribbon is individually numbered for easy identification
  • Precise placement of ripcords allows easy jacket access and removal; fiber and ribbon geometries provide excellent mass-fusion splicing results
  • Toneable version is available, if required