SST-Drop™ Cable Assembly

As an industry leader in optical connectivity products, Corning designs and manufactures the SST-Drop™ cable assembly with factory-terminated, environmentally sealed and hardened connectors to reduce the cost and the time of drop cable deployment in optical access networks.

The OptiTap® single-fiber drop cable assembly is specifically designed to significantly reduce required drop cable installation.

Features and Benefits

  • Available with one or both ends connectorized
  • Hybrid (one end with an OptiTap Connector, one end with standard SC connector) available with or without pulling grip
  • Available in dielectric or toneable
  • Designed for aerial, direct-buried or duct installation
  • Self-supporting at 40 lbf installation tension, 150 ft
  • OptiTap connector technology
  • Robust design keeps connector intact during installation
  • Integral pulling eye/connector cap designed for 100 lb maximum pulling tension
  • Designed for rapid connection to external flush-mounted bulkhead adapters on terminals or closures
  • Can be pulled through 1.25-in conduit