Evolv ROC™ Drop Cable Assemblies

As an industry leader in optical connectivity products, Corning designs and manufactures the ROC™ drop cable assembly with factory-terminated, environmentally sealed and hardened connectors to reduce the cost and time of drop cable deployment.

Corning OptiTap® connector design provides superior durability and reliability in the drop segment of the network. This new assembly also offers significant improvements in cable management.

By featuring the ROC drop cable design, issues of slack storage capacity are virtually eliminated. The ROC drop cable minimum bend radius is half the size of legacy drop cable. The outer dimensions of the cable have been reduced by more than 50 percent. ROC drop cables are more flexible, allowing for easier routing and mating of OptiTap connectors at the ONT. 

Features and Benefits

  • Available with one or both ends connectorized
  • Hybrid (one end with an OptiTap Connector, one end with standard SC connector) available with or without pulling grip
  • Available in dielectric or toneable
  • Designed for aerial, direct-buried or duct installation
  • Self-supporting at 40 lbf installation tension, 150 ft
  • OptiTap connector technology
  • Reduced optimized cable cross section with smaller profile and bend radius for increased slack storage capacity in existing ONTs, pedestals and handholes
  • Designed for rapid connection to external flush-mounted bulkhead adapters on terminals or closures.
  • Integral pulling eye/connector cap on OptiTap connector designed for 100 lb maximum pulling tension; can be pulled through 1.25-in conduit
  • OptiTap Connector SC APC or pigtailed versions to accommodate any ONT interface