OptiTect® Local Convergence Cabinet, Gen III Series

The OptiTect® Local Convergence Cabinet, Gen III Series provides everything necessary to manage up to 432 fibers for an outside plant FTTx application.

The OptiTect Local Convergence Cabinet, Gen III’s industry-leading size with its user-friendly design and intuitive fiber management, allows the customer to minimize field training, installation time and overall labor costs while increasing speed-of-deployment and revenue generation.

Feeder and distribution fibers, as well as splitter modules, are all contained within a single, robust, pad- or pole-mounted enclosure to accommodate both aerial and below-ground cable applications. Cabinets are outfitted with factory-preconnectorized distribution and feeder cable(s), ensuring quick, easy and reliable field installation.

OptiTect Gen III Series Cabinets provide best-in-class fiber management and slack storage systems, which offer added protection for “live” subscribers.

Parking capacity for the Gen III splitter modules is maximized with a dedicated parking door that offers quick field parking of new modules. Labels are included for easy identification of connectors and modules.

Features and Benefits

  • Industry-leading cabinet size for freight, storage and installation efficiencies & improved aesthetics
  • Full factory-stubbed cabinets
  • Available with multiple feeder and distribution cables as well as toning capability
  • Connectorized feeder and distribution fibers to coupler/splitter modules
  • Splitter modules are interchangeable within the Gen III Cabinet family and the Eclipse® Hardware family