MiniXtend® Cable with Binderless FastAccess® Technology

Corning MiniXtend® Cable with *Binderless FastAccess® Technology is an all-dielectric loose tube cable designed for microduct applications and features industry-leading fiber density.

The innovative Binderless FastAccess Technology improves cable handling and reduces access time up to 70 percent while lowering risk of cable and fiber damage. The MiniXtend Cable design reduces the cable diameter by up to 50 percent (versus traditional loose tube cables) which improves fiber density for duct applications and also enables new applications which can reduce total install cost by up to 60 percent.

This cable also features Corning SMF-28® Ultra single-mode fiber which combines industry-leading attenuation and improved macrobend performance in one fiber. SMF-28 Ultra fiber is ITU-T Recommendation G.652.D compliant and also exceeds the requirements of the ITU-T Recommendation G.657.A1 standard.

Features and Benefits

  • Binderless FastAccess® Technology reduces cable access time up to 70 percent and lowers the risk of inadvertent fiber damage
  • Small cable OD enables higher density and lower deployment cost; up to 96 fibers in 8 mm ID duct and up to 144 fibers in 10 mm ID duct
  • Optimized for air-assisted install in microducts - Capable of installation distances greater than 2000 m (6560 ft) at speeds up to 150 m/min (490 ft/min)
  • Meets the Telcordia GR-20 and RDUP/RUS PE-90 requirements for mid-span express buffer tube storage
  • SMF-28® Ultra fiber - ITU-T G.652.D/G.657.A1 rated fiber with improved attenuation and bend performance as well as compatibility with standard single-mode fibers


* Corning’s patented Binderless FastAccess Technology refers to the combination of a Corning FastAccess Technology jacket with an innovative technology used to bind cable construction through the manufacturing process, eliminating the use of binder yarns and waterblocking tapes.