Eclipse® Hardware Product Family

Corning Eclipse® Hardware product family provides interconnect and cross-connect capabilities between the outside plant, riser or distribution cables, and the opto-electronics.

Connector housings accommodate a wide range of termination options and the inclusion of couplers/splitters and WDMs in the system.

Module housings accept the same splitter modules used in OptiTect™ Premier Local Convergence Cabinets, allowing a complete 864-fiber FTTx splitter and distribution solution in one standard 7 ft frame.

Splice housings enable on-the-rack splicing and can be mated with connector housings for pigtail splicing.

The Eclipse Hardware family includes network bays, frame components and accessories, for a complete package tailored to the needs of your installation.

Innovative jumper routing and management features are incorporated into the design of each connector housing. Jumpers are segregated by panel-specific routing clips and routed through an easy access trough across the front of the housing. This trough also features a removable jumper “waterfall” that ensures a proper bend radius as jumpers exit the housing. When the waterfall is removed, jumpers may be routed through the bottom of the housing into other housings or into Eclipse Hardware jumper management panels. Jumpers may also be routed vertically or front-to-back.

The connector, module and splice housings are all designed for use in 19-in and 23-in frames, allowing termination hardware and electronics to be integrated in the same frame.

Features & Benefits

  • Engineered cable and jumper routing features provide superior system management
  • Enhanced craft-friendliness and scalability
  • Module housing expands capacity while minimizing installation time
  • Modular and component-based system allows for customized rack layouts
  • Simplified part numbering system makes ordering easy