Corning Eclipse Frames

The Eclipse® network bay frame is designed around a 19-in spaced unequal flange frame with wide flange side (front) and narrow flange side (rear). Each 7 ft frame will accommodate a total of 44 units or rack spaces. A zone 4-rated frame is also available.

The ECL-IBD offers an innovative new approach to fiber management in the Eclipse Hardware frame system. This dual-sided inter-bay unit features nine routing hubs on both the front and rear with fiber pass-through access throughout. When installed next to a hardware bay unit, a rear channel is available for routing cables to patch panels located in the bay. As with other hardware products, the ECL-IBD protects fiber bend-radius throughout the unit, ensuring fiber performance and signal integrity.

The ECL-EC-7 offers fiber storage within the end cap through a shell design. The outer shell of the unit offers a finished appearance while the inner shell is equipped with routing hubs for storage and routing of fiber. This unit may be mounted to the ECL-IBD unit only.

The Eclipse Hardware System includes two inter-bay storage units (IBS) designed to route and manage jumpers within a bay line-up. The ECL-IBS is designed for fiber management on the front of the bay lineup only. End cap units in the Eclipse Hardware product family offer a finished appearance to a UDF hardware bay lineup. The ECL-IBU offers oblong caps to the 2U jumper trough with single-sided mandrels.