Rhino® Reversible Wall Boxes (RRB)

Rhino Reversible Wall Boxes (RRB) are 10" deep reversible universal self-locking secure MDU wall boxes with feature sets to meet the needs of most pre-wire and post-wire applications.

Constructed of rugged mill-galvanized steel, the wall boxes are finished with protective baked-on polyester powder paint. Multiple Self-Lock® security locks are available.

Rhino wall boxes are currently available in five sizes with closed-back or open-back designs. Closed-back and open-back wall boxes have cable knockouts provided in the back of the chassis frame for pre-wired drop entry. Open-back wall boxes allow system technicians to replace damaged parts or upgrade the MDU site without interrupting customer service.

The stainless steel hinged door of the RRB 10" wall box can be locked with a single Channell Self-Lock locking device, or two additional threaded locks can be used for higher security. The door has additional security plating added to prevent prying the door open.

RRB wall boxes are reversible when purchased with mirror image top and bottom knockouts. This allows the box to be installed so the door can swing left or right by simply reversing the box. These box designs come standard with 1-1/2" (38.1mm) and 2.0" (50.8mm) cable entry knockouts for bottom entry.

In addition, top entry boxes come with cable entry knockouts for top entry “post-wire” cable installations. The wall boxes have an adjustable multi-tap mounting plate to enhance splicing.

Optional side-mount and front-mount 8-port and 16-port demarc plate kits are available and can be purchased with or without F-81 barrel splices.