Vikimatic Tel-A-Marker™Zero-Maintenance, Pipeline-Tough Line Markers

Tel-A-Marker Main Functions
1. Right Of Way Line Marker Tel-A-Marker pipeline/utility markers are used to indicate the location of a buried pipeline, cable, conduit, etc. - to help construction crews avoid accidentally damaging them, to warn the general public that there is a buried pipeline or utility in the area, and to identify the owner.
2. Vents are used to vent the crossing casing to the atmosphere to help maintain conditions for optimum cathodic protection.
3. Test Stations are used to monitor the effectiveness of the cathodic protection program.

Tel-A-Markers are made of ultraviolet-stabilized High Density
Polyethylene (HDPE) to inhibit fading and warping from exposure to the elements. And unlike painted metal signs, they will not absorb water, peel, or rust.

Tel-A-Marker samples were tested by an independent testing laboratory according to the procedures in Federal (Military) Test Standard 191A, Method 5804, “Accelerated Severe Weathering Test.”
As a result of these tests, TVC offers a limited 10-year warranty on the
Tel-A-Marker product line.

Easy Installation
Simply bury the base of the support post in the ground. An anchor tube, perpendicular to the support post in the buried portion of the post,
prevents twisting or removal without excavating the Tel-A-Marker.

High Visibility
Tel-A-Markers fittings are available in vivid colors selected to stand out in any background environment. Its 3-1/2" O.D. tubular design is highly visible from any angle as well as from the air. Optional fluorescent fittings increase visibility from any sight plane. Test messages are hot-stamped for durability into the fittings, not screen printed or stenciled.

Virtually No Maintenance
Because Tel-A-Marker require no maintenance, their purchase assures low cost over the life of the installation.

Non-Metallic Construction
The HDPE construction is nonconductive and will not spark when struck. This eliminates the possibility of spark ignition, fire or explosion in hazardous combustible locations.

Wind Resistance
The tubular configuration makes the Tel-A-Marker less susceptible to “wind whip” – a common problem with 2-dimensional metal signs and other flat markers which have a large “footprint” in the wind.

Carefully plan your identification requirements...indicating specific copy: warning message, product message in-line, toll free call number and company name (ID/logo); plus, component colors and quantities.
Recommended Communication Post:
A. Overall length is 8', which allows for 6' to show above ground.
B. Two (2)-sided sign.
C. Black lettering on orange top fitting; plus, white post.

System Colors:
Standard Colors: White, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Green, Brown, Red