UraSeal Drain N' Seal® Moisture Block SystemWhen superior ground moisture control is required, Drain N'Seal® pedestal foam products from Uraseal are the products of choice by communication field technicians. Specifically designed for fiber pedestals to inhibit ground moisture penetration, Drain N'Seal® products minimize damage caused by condensation and water. The unique cell structure provides complex channels that inhibits the penetration of moisture into the pedestal while allowing any condensate or water build up to freely drain from the pedestal in 2-3 minutes. This unique characteristic of Drain N'Seal® products is superior to pea rock and other foam products. Drain N' Seal® the simple solution for moisture!

Drain N'Seal® pedestal foam kits are easy to use, economical and light weight. After any re-entry work, new material will completely bond to existing foam. Simply ease off the plastic clip and mix by kneading the package. The kit is ready to pour in 60 seconds and starts foaming immediately. The kit comes complete with divided bag, disposable protective gloves and installation instructions.

No special tools are needed. Drain N'Seal® products are recommended for use in all fiber and copper pedestals and vaults. For larger areas, 3.5 gallon kits are available.

•Economical and easy to use
•Controls ground moisture penetration
•Ideal for fiber pedestals and vaults
•Provides a clean environment for open architecture fiber closure
•Convenient packaging reduces storage, transportation and waste costs.
•RUS Listed Product
•RoHS Compliant

Ordering Information

Part NumberSize Kit (grams)Cubic Inches of FoamKits/Box
URF110 110 5032/box
URF220 220 113 24/box
URF440 440 201 16/box
URF660 660 314 12/box
URF3965 3965864 1 each
URF1227 1227 100 ft 1” bead8/box