SPH2436 500 Series Signature Pedestal Housing

The new self-locking SPH2436 pedestal comes standard with Channell’s Self-Lock security system and the proven 500 Series Heat Dissipation Cover HDC® that is fully vented on all four sides and has an insulated attic area to help reduce costly node failures caused by overheating. The new enlarged base is the same as Channell's SGLB2436 “Shutter Box” Series base that features unsurpassed “I-Beam” strength and the highest sidewall/strength deflection ratings in the industry. Additional improvements to the SPH2436 pedestal include standard sub-surface cross bar cable racking and a horizontal fiber bracket. The SPH2436 pedestal can be used to house a fiber optic node and butt splice enclosure combination or trunk and dual trunk amplifiers.


  • Cover: 38" L x 26" W x 24" H (965.2mm L x 660.4mm W x 609.6mm H)
  • Base (Outside): 40" L x 28.75" W x 24" H (1016.0mm L x 730.25mm W x 609.6mm H)


  • Self-Lock locking system
  • 500 Series heat dissipation cover (HDC)
  • 360° access to working equipment
  • Multiple self-locking options
  • Multiple cover color choices
  • Winterized drop hole
  • Special sub-surface bracketry designed for cable management and securing splice enclosure