SPH1330 Signature Pedestal Housing Series

The SPH1330 is part of Channell's Signature Pedestal Housing (SPH) Series and houses line extender and tap/splitter combinations.

Dimensions of the SPH1330:

  • Cover Interior: 13" x 30" x 13.5" (330.2mm x 762mm x 342.9mm)
  • Base: 13" x 30" x 10" (330.2mm x 762mm x 254mm)

Features of the SPH1330:

  • 600 Series HDC cover in wide array of colors
  • Cover guides in base
  • Self-Lock self-latching system
  • Complete 360° access working area
  • Winterized drop holes
  • Bracketry with multiple equipment mounting options is coated with TLC (Thermoplastic Laminated Coating)
  • Strips available for customized label identification on cover