SPH10103 Low-Profile Signature Pedestal Housing Series

The low profile versions of the SPH10103 Signature Pedestal Housings feature Channell’s 600 Series HDC™ Heat Dissipation Covers and offer reduced height to meet broadband customer requirements. It features a smaller product profile without sacrificing or reducing protection or performance in the broadband electronic equipment installed. SPH Series housings provide a protective, aesthetically pleasing low profile design that is unaffected by severe temperatures. The Channell Self-Lock™ feature provides a secure, self-locking, tamper-proof housing for cable terminations and splices. Stakes and bracketry are protected with Thermoplastic Laminated Coating (TLC™), providing a corrosion resistant mounting system that requires no maintenance. The SPH Low Profile Enclosures are designed to house broadband passive equipment combinations, such as taps and splitters.


  • Cover: 10” x 10” x 18” (254mm x 254mm x 457mm)
  • Base: 11” x 9.5” x 15” (279mm x 241mm x 381mm)


  • 600 Series HDC Covers with reduced heights.
  • Self-Lock® self-latching covers with various lock head options.
  • Complete 360º access working area.
  • Universal bracketry provides a wide range of equipment mounting options.
  • Mainframe brackets protected with Channell’s patented Thermoplastic Laminated Coating (TLC™).
  • Base accommodates multiple ducts and conduits.
  • Location strips for customized labeling and identification.
  • Available in a wide assortment of colors to blend with surrounding environment.