Shutter Box Series Grade Level Boxes (SGLB)

Unsurpassed “I-Beam” Strength inspired by the below-ground shutter boxes used for utilities throughout Europe, Channell's “Shutter Box” Series SGLB boxes provide the highest-performance standards in the industry for thermoplastic subsurface enclosures.

One of the major features of the boxes is the straight sidewall “I-Beam” construction that, together with the high rib design, greatly increases the cover load bearing capacity and sidewall strength. Unlike standard thermoplastic tapered boxes, the “Shutter Box” straight sidewall design allows the cover load to be supported by the complete sidewall, rather than an unsupported “tapered neck.” This feature permits the “Shutter Box” Series boxes to be used for a multitude of greenbelt and sidewalk applications. With the additional option of a polymer concrete cover and ring, the boxes exhibit a static vertical load bearing capacity up to 20,000 pounds, making them suitable for sidewalk and driveway applications.

A full range of unique options (patents pending) support this product, including a two-position swing-arm bracket, the universal L-Bolt™ locking feature and a Split Cover option with enclosure plug. Three sets of factory-installed threaded studs permit installation of optional hot-dipped galvanized racks, sidewall mounting brackets, and a thermoplastic swing arm assembly equipment mounting plate to accommodate a Bracket Mounted Terminal (BMT®) or fiber tap in the field.

  • Meets and is qualified to Telcordia GR-902-CORE specifications. Complies with the applicable elements of Western Underground Committee, ANSI / SCTE 77 2002.
  •  Straight sidewall “I-Beam” design permits higher load capacity
  • High rib design eliminates sidewall deflection in extreme soil conditions and firmly secures the box in the soil
  • High quality HDPE waffle-design of box body distributes load over strongest section of “Shutter Box” SGLB wall
  • Solid thermoplastic cover, or split cover with the optional two-way enclosure plug allows for quick, hassle-free “snap-in” pedestal upgrade
  • Universal “L” bolt security system eliminates the worry of lost cover bolts