Quazite EnclosuresEnclosures
For use as splice boxes, pull boxes or equipment enclosures for any application requiring easy access to an underground service (i.e. electrical, water, telephone, gas, fiber optics, CATV, etc.). Available in a large variety of sizes and styles with either standard, heavy duty or optional overlapping covers. No grounding is required for the box or cover. Fits flush with sidewalk or grass area. Skid resistant covers. Replacement covers and meter lids, hardware, inserts and grade adjustable extensions are available options.

Box Pads and Traffic Signal Bases
Precast polymer concrete box pads and traffic signal bases eliminate forming and pouring and are lightweight, resulting in easy handling and a lower installed cost. Excavation and installation of the entire unit can be done in one day. Can be reused in other locations.

Electrical and Telephone Pads
Used under transformers and telephone cabinets to add stability, prevent corrosion of metal cabinets, provide a fire break, and protect cabinets from damage caused by mowing equipment. Available as a solid pad or as a Splitt-Pad® for easy retrofits.