Polywater® Plus Silicone™Polywater® Plus Silicone™ Cable Pulling Lubricants
· Superior friction reduction
· Optional, Small Frictionlees Rollers
· Available in Regular and Winter Grade
· Compatible with Cables
· Suitable for Silicone-lined and Prelubricated Ducts
· Temperature Stable
· High Cling Factor
· Clean and Non-staining

Type NN™ is a clean, slow-drying, silicone-based cable pulling lubricant. Type NN™ offers superior friction reduction and is ideally suited for use with silicone-lined and prelubricated duct. Non-stringy Type NN™ pours and pumps easily, and is suitable for use with all common cable jacket types.

· Type WNN™ is a winter-grade Type NN™.
· Type NB™ is Type NN™ with small frictionless rollers added.
· Type WNB™ is winter-grade Type NB™.
· Type FS™ is a stringy, opaque-orange lubricant. Its stringiness helps it cling to cable and pull itself along, allowing excellent conduit dispersion.

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