Polywater® J High Performance Wire & Cable Pulling Lubricant• Maximum Friction Reduction
• Clean and Non-Staining
• High Cling Factor
• Compatible With Common* Cables
• Application System
• Temperature Stable
• UL and CSA Listed
• Non-Combustible Residue
• Available in Cold Weather (Non-Freezing) Formula
• Available in Pourable (Liquid) Formula
• Specification Grade

Polywater® Lubricant J is a high performance, clean, slow-drying, water-based gel lubricant. Lubricant J provides maximum tension reduction in all types of cable pulling. It is especially recommended for long pulls, multiple-bend pulls and pulls in a hot environment. Lubricant J dries to form a thin lubricating film which retains its lubricity for months after use.

Polywater® Lubricant J is a specification-grade lubricant that does not promote flame propagation when used with fire-retardant cables and systems. It is harmless to humans, environmentally safe, compatible with all common* cable jacket materials, and can be easily applied as part of the unique Polywater® Lubricant Application System.

Polywater® Lubricant WJ (winter grade) has the same characteristics as Polywater® Lubricant J and is specially formulated for use in temperatures as low as -20°F (-30°C).

Front End Pack™ A conduit-sized polyethylene bag of lubricant. The Front End Pack™ travels through the conduit on the winch line prelubricating the conduit ahead of the cable being pulled.

Ordering Information

Package SizeLube JLube WJUnits/CS
5-gal pail (18.9 l)J-640WJ-6401
1-gal pail (3.8 l)J-128WJ-1284
1/2-gal FEP™ in 5-gal pail (1.9 l) J-110WJ-11010
1/2-gal FEP™ in carton (1.9 l) J-55WJ-556
1-quart squeeze bottle (.95 l) J-35WJ-3512
55-gal drum (208 l)J-DrumWJ-Drum1
1-quart FEP™ in 5-gal pail (.95 l) J-99 WJ-9916
1-quart FEP™ in carton (.95 l) J-27WJ-2712