Neptco WP1250P MULETAPE Polyester The Neptco WP1250P Polyester MULETAPE is 1/2" wide, comes in 3000' reels, and has 1,250 lbs pulling strength. It is made of woven, polyester tape used for installing fiber optic, copper, and coaxial cables in underground conduit. NEPTCO's family of measuring and pulling tapes substantially reduces cable installation labor, material and inventory costs by providing a threading line, a measuring tape, and a winchline all in one product. MULETAPEĀ® reduces damage to underground plants, improves efficiency, and enhances worker safety.

The tape is manufactured with a low stretch polyester material that distributes heat across its wide, flat profile. This improves efficiency and prevents "snap back", which occurs when a rope under high tension elongates and either breaks or snaps back... often injuring the installer.

Features and Benefits:

  • Lubricated for easy pulling and reduced friction

  • Durably printed with sequential footage or meter markings*neptco muletape

  • Available in a variety of pulling strengths

  • Lowest elongation available for enhanced worker safety

  • Lightweight and easily blown into conduit or innerduct

  • Available in splice-free lengths up to 100,000 ft for faster, easier installation

  • Packaged on sturdy wooden or plastic reels

  • Easily spliced using conventional methods or the MULEKNOT