M/U Pedestal SeriesAPPLICATIONS:
• Power/Cable TV/Telecom subsurface-to-ground access
• Permanent residential, commercial and industrial enclosures for new and existing developments
• Designed for use in both urban and rural locations
• Termination, splicing and loading of buried wire and cable

• Single/Double/Triple Compartment Models
• Compiles with the Fortis spec
• Constructed for all season weather
• Telco compartment comes with mounting board and ground bar
• Non-removable Penta-Bolt locking mechanism with cable guard
• Ample accessibility for termination/equipment
• Knock-outs for ground access
• All pedestals are constructed from 14 gauge steel
• Telco Green polyester powder coated for optimal protection, but also available in Utility Grey and Black. Inquire for other coating/color options.
• Optional 62" Galvanized Stake with frost-heave resistant anchor.