Hubbell IDC Bond Clamp

The Insulation Displacement Contact (IDC) Bond Clamp was developed to facilitate ease of use in comparison to traditional method for bonding armored fiber optic cables. It builds on EMC’s long-standing tradition of simplifying bonding and grounding jobs performed by field technicians.

The IDC bond clamp was created to greatly simplify installation of new bonding points along a cable route or building entry points. It eliminates the need to install or open splice closures to access armored cable to create a bonding point. The clamp is installed directly over the cable jacket wherever access is convenient, in many cases without disturbing slack coils or lashing. The clamp body is made from engineering-grade thermoplastic with an insulation-displacement contact, engulfed in a water blocking gel,that makes electrical contact to the cable armor without penetrating the shield or causing attenuation to the fiber. Comes in either a Medium or Large size.

The IDC bond clamp offers the following benefits:

  • Suitable for cable outside diameters of .48” - .79” (Medium) and .80” - 1.3” (Large)
  • Can be used for aerial and direct-buried applications
  • No opening of the cable sheath
  • Simplicity of installation
  • Does not attenuate fiber
  • Available with a water blocking enclosure
  • Meets Telcordia and UL requirements for “Cable Shield Bonding Clamps”