Hubbell EZ Locate System

What is the EZ Locate System? Locates made easy!

The EZ Locate is a two-part system with a unique underground locate station. Its’ easy-open access hatch eliminates the need to remove the enclosure’s cover. The EZ Locate makes locates faster, and third-parties no longer need to access critical infrastructure components. Equipped with an auto-grounding/ bonding feature, the device also reduces the potential for operator error.

How does the EZ Locate System Work?

The EZ Locate system has an integrated ground disconnect lever, which allows the #6 – #24 AWG trace lines to be quickly isolated from the common ground. Individual lines no longer need to be disconnected to perform a locate, saving both time and money. Once the trace/locate is complete and the unit is pushed back into the underground enclosure, the ground reconnection is automatically reinstated. The top access hatch bolt can then be reinstalled. With the EZ Locate, your locate system is out of sight, out of mind and out of harm’s way.

Features and Benefits:

  • FASTER - Easy access allows locates to be performed more efficiently.
  • SECURE - Prevents third- parties from accessing mission critical underground infrastructure.
  • AUTO-GROUNDED - The two-step closing process automatically reconnects the ground.
  • ERGONOMIC - Eliminates the need to remove large covers.
  • EASILY INSTALLED - Available pre-installed in a Hubbell® enclosure or as a retro-fit kit.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE - Easily add your own logo.
  • STRONG - Made from stainless steel and high grade thermoplastics; it will not rust.



QUAZITE-FRP® 17x30 and 24x36

QUAZITE® 13x24, 24x36, 30x48, 48x48 and the PR3900 round

PENCELL® 24x36 and 30x48