DSG-Canusa CFT Heat Shrink

Developed to meet the specific needs of the CATV Industry Canusa CFTV Provides · An absolutely waterproof seal and mechanical protection · Fast and simple installation. Clean and easy connector re-entry Unique CATV Sealant · High performance Adhesive developed by Canusa-EMI specifically for the CATV industry Selective Adhesion · Selective stripability to meet CATV industry needs · Strong watertight bond to cable and cable jacket. Yet, strips fast and clean for re-entry to connector or splice Non-Drip · Will not drip at end of tube. Yet, flows smoothly to fill all voids Low Tack · Will not bond to itself. For easier handling and no waste · Faster to install and easy to work withBalanced System · 3 synchronized components; stripes change color, tubing shrinks and sealant flows simultaneously Fast Installation · Minimum heat required to produce error free installation without splitting · No scorching; no risk of cable damage

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